Do people really mean what they say??

Do people really mean what they say??

The Editor of a famous weekly magazine must have had this thought in his mind, when he said “Can you lift the skirt little up, I need to take the picture… ”

Now that was like, one hell…what did he meant by that?

For any lady who hears such a comment from a Male…would be like…. “Come again…what the hell do you mean by what did you say right now??”

But then she was a charming strong lady, she rose on her high heels and said “l look good when I flaunt my body like the one you see in your dreams and wonders” … She made up her mind and was ready to pull him close to her…

He said, “What are you talking about, well we don’t have any photo shoot thing, we just wanted to mention you and your achievements in one of the corners of the magazine page..just a small write-up…”
And while telling this to her, he bent down and picked up his picture !!

The girl was aghast, what is wrong with these people, do they really mean what they say!

Because all he wanted was that girl to lift her long flowing skirt, before it could have mopped away his passport size black and white picture from the floor where they were standing….


saying what you mean” is about consistency between one’s thoughts and words. It is a plea to be honest, to truthfully represent one’s understanding, state or intent when describing it verbally. “meaning what you say” is usually about consistency between one’s words and subsequent related behaviour or actions….

So Be Careful…



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