Lord Rama

Lord Rama was the son of Dashrath, king of Ayodhya. His mother’s name was Kausalya. Rama is also known as “Maryaada Purshottam.” Rama was the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu who killed demon king Ravana and restored dharma on the earth. He was an ideal king of all times.

Lord Rama, considered by many Hindus to be based on an historical figure, is perhaps the most virtuous hero from Hindu mythology and he, along with his wife Sita, are a picture of purity and marital devotion.

How Rāma is called by each one :-

1. Dasharatha calls RĀMA
2. Kausalya calls RĀMABHADRA
3. Kaikeyi calls RĀMACHANDRA
4. Vasishta calls VEDADE
5. Rishis call RAGHUNĀTHA
6. Sita calls NĀTHA
7. People of Ayodhya call SEETHAPATHI

This is the meaning of the shloka –

Rāmāya, Rāmabhadraya, Rāmachandrāya, Vēdase.   Raghunāthaya, Nāthāya, Seethāyah pathaye namaha.


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