Spoken words


The value of every human being lies in their capability to purify their thoughts, words and deeds.

The three instruments you have – mind, tongue and hand, must be sanctified to raise you to the highest level.

A person is judged by their spoken words. The spoken word, though it may be short and appears to be only a sound, has in it, the power of an atom bomb.

When a word of hope is spoken to a person sunk in despair, it charges them with elephant’s strength.

When a word of calumny is uttered to a person who is extremely strong and happy, it can lead them to slump on the ground overcome by sorrow.

Words can confer strength; they can drain one’s energy too.

Words can win friends; words can turn friends into enemies as well; they can elevate or lower an individual.

You must learn the habit of making your words sweet, soft and pleasant.

-Adapted from a Satya Sai Baba discourse

Published by Shobha Iyer

Always be Happy; always wear a Smile, Not because Life is full of reasons to Smile, but because your Smile itself maybe a reason for many others to Smile ;The Greatest Thing In Life Is Love And The Second Is Laughter..

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