Are you missing material things… in the lockdown ??

Have we realised it yet ?
That nobody is missing the materials things; we all miss the company of othes, great conversations, a hug, a smile… that’s what life is all about… Do you agree to this ??


Today, I saw this as the status in a social media account of a colleague; I realised this long time, but never had anyone to share it; I took to writing, blogging because I was lonely – I saw people running after material things – I found solace in my virtual world – I am glad to have more friends network now to share my happiness, my sadness, my celebrations and I am glad I renounced the material world long time ago

missing 1

in the corporate world, I am part of a team of around 100 colleagues – I always treat myself as a part of them – but they never treated me as a part – I am only called up or enquired when in need – but while socialising, partying, taking pictures, celebrating birthdays, having fun – I am never remembered !! sad but true 😞😞🤨

recently I won a contest wherein some of my team members were also participants who clearly knew that I am the winner, it was a tough fight and I was very much delighted to have won it but no one even congratulated let alone mention about it; this is not a first time incident, a few months ago, I was winner of a global contest, my name was announced on our intranet page, I even received a cash prize ; but alas none of my colleagues bothered to even read the news, let alone mention about me, and now such people are talking about missing company !!

I have been missing the company of my colleagues, friends who see me as “invisible Mr India” when I pass through them, since I was never interested in material things – I dont have fancy dresses to wear and flaunt like them nor a maid to do my household; I do all the work on my own – both in office and home; I don’t depend on the richest salon to make me look beautiful but try my own “do it yourself” to look naturally beautiful.

There was a photo-shoot of classy people in our organisation; I was rejected by a comment that “your attire is not upto that class” so you are “not eligible” 😌😌

I have never received a bouquet or any gift or a cake let alone a single rose flower on my birthday, but other colleagues do get, it feels so neglected

When you share your happiness aloud by flaunting your wealth, please be thoughtful that someone is crying or doesn’t have money to buy food for their family and you are hurting them.

Do share your feedback thoughts or alteast think about it !

Published by Shobha Iyer

Always be Happy; always wear a Smile, Not because Life is full of reasons to Smile, but because your Smile itself maybe a reason for many others to Smile ;The Greatest Thing In Life Is Love And The Second Is Laughter..

3 thoughts on “Are you missing material things… in the lockdown ??

  1. Beautiful thought Shobha..
    Many go through this rejection..acceptance phase in life in schools…colleges…corporates ..
    Looks and not the brain and culture matter for most…short vision I must say…
    But then…we got to find our place under the sun …our very own space which no one can deny …where looks won’t matter..

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