Care for others.. today, not when they are gone !

Feeling thoughtful but still positive…

The recent death of a rising star by suicide has suddenly taken the social media by storm, people are posting messages like “If you are disturbed please talk to me, I would rather listen and cry for you than attend your funeral” This makes me wonder, human relations have lost the emotional touch. People start praising someone only after their death, why not care for them when alive.

A recent incident made me believe this even more. As you all are aware, we are in the midst of a pandemic lockdown, almost 4 months now we have not seen our friends (I don’t have any) so I would say colleagues! One of my colleagues lost her father, her best friend was trying to reach her on mobile since evening (2 -3 hours), she called me up that she has not spoken to her friend since 2 -3 hours so she is worried, so she was sure that I would have some alternate emergency contact number, I had it and shared it with her, after sometime I got a message from my office that the friend’s father expired in the evening. I prayed “may his soul rest in peace” that’s all I could do.
Slowly it made me to realise that this friend is so lucky – her friend has not spoken for 2-3 hours and was desperate about her well-being; I have been alone 4 months, none of them ever enquired about me, when she called me up, I expected she would ask “Madam , how are you?” but her question was only about her friend, but still I did my duty, I enquired about her and her family, to which she simply replied all fine and asked me to message her friends’ details at the earliest.
These 4 months I have never received a call asking my well-being, one or two who really called me up to enquire! God bless them!! While in office too I have been with people who sit just across you, but will never even lift their face when you pass by – this has been my experience the whole life.
I am never invited for group photos – I am happy about it, anyway after I die, you will need a single photo only to garland !!

When I lost my father, my manager commented it is common for old people to die, you need to continue with life and work or you will die – till date she is living a very rich comfortable life earning the highest salary / incentives with a big house full of servants and all the life pleasures – and I am at the same position struggling work life balance making ends meet and trying to give the best to my family.
My father was the elder of 8 brothers – so we have a big family, a number of brothers / sisters as cousins, uncles / aunts – but after my father’s demise a few years ago, they just cried over his body, I have been left alone, no one even enquires if we are alive or dead. My father in his lifetime spent all his earnings on his relatives and friends, but today nobody is bothered, I followed his footsteps, whenever anyone – a friend or a relative, they still have the audacity to ask me, sure that I will not refuse, and I do my best whether it is feasible or not for me. I have even taken loans and helped people with a feeling “do your best don’t think about the fruits; as you sow you reap”
I always wonder where or what went wrong !


Published by Shobha Iyer

Always be Happy; always wear a Smile, Not because Life is full of reasons to Smile, but because your Smile itself maybe a reason for many others to Smile ;The Greatest Thing In Life Is Love And The Second Is Laughter..

7 thoughts on “Care for others.. today, not when they are gone !

  1. Beautifully articulated…
    Why don’t we care for a person when he / she is alive? After death nothing matters…
    Nothing wrong in caring for others…doesn’t matter if someone acknowledges or not or returns the favour…you follow your heart ..🙏🙏

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