10pm Cindrellas

10pm Cinderellas:

Like the heroine of the fairy tale, we have a curfew time limit set on our movements


10pm Cinderellas: Like the heroine of the fairy tale, we have a curfew time limit set on our movements

In the fairy tale, Cinderella’s fairy godmother gives her a stately coach to attend a glitzy ball where she will meet her Prince Charming. However, the boon comes with the warning that should Cinderella not leave the ball by the magical hour of midnight, her coach will turn into a pumpkin.

In the time of coronavirus we are all Cinderellas to our very own fairy godmother, our sarkar, which has in Unlock 1 granted us the boon to step out of the self-isolation of our homes and resume limited activities while taking safety precautions such as mask-wearing.

However, like Cinderella, we have a time limit set for us in that we must stop whatever it is that we are doing and return home by 10pm sharp. If we don’t, in the eyes of the authorities, we’ll turn into metaphorical pumpkins, metaphorical kaddus, and face whatever consequences kaddus, metaphorical or otherwise, must face.

I find this 10pm deadline intriguing. If it’s OK to be up and about – working late outside one’s home, meeting friends or relatives, taking a walk – till 9.59 what happens at the stroke of 10 that makes it unlawful, if not downright dangerous, for us to suspend all activity, to shelve life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and shut ourselves away in solitary confinement once again?

Could it be that as the clock strikes the hour of 10 at night the coronavirus, by some occult force, becomes even more baneful, like a viral Dracula, than it otherwise is? Or is it that, at precisely 10pm, a metabolic metamorphosis takes place in our own systems which makes us more susceptible to infection? In the normal course of things, after 10pm there are likely to be fewer people on the streets and other public places than earlier on in the day, thereby reducing the risk of infection instead of increasing it. Indeed, people might be encouraged to stagger the hours of their outings to cover the full 24 hours to reduce congestion and the spread of the pathogen.

But apparently that’s not the way it works.

In real life, as in fairy tales, you disobey your fairy godmother at your own risk. So we abide by the 10pm rule, even though it adds to our tension. Or our ten-sion.


DISCLAIMER : This article is intended to bring a smile to your face. Any connection to events and characters in real life is coincidental. Views expressed above are the author’s own.

Excerpts from a Blog in the Editorial Times of India newspaper


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