The Story of A, B and C

The story of A,B and C

Would like to share the story of 3 human beings A,B and C, let me first introduce you to their role, A is the Owner, B is the HOD while C is the Staff – you can easily guess what would be the story like… right ?

C is contemplating suicide, she is mentally devastated and wants to end her life, she has been tested and tried by bad luck, she has failed miserably – professionally and personally; however, she is worried about her teenage daughter and widowed bed-ridden sick mother – her only family members; can you please guide her…what should be her right move?

B and C both work under A, C is a very good worker – an expert in all fields, a last moment friend, philosopher and guide to one and all, very talented, hardworking, famous for finishing her tasks well in time and perfectly, many HOD s like B envied A having such a good worker and would even jokingly ask her to join them, she would help all of them in various activities – cross-functional, extra-curricular, new inventions, C was quite tech-savvy and a quick learner – could easily adapt herself to changing workplace environment; for 12 years B tried to force the Top Management to have C work under her, but never succeeded, but still C always did more than 50% tasks for B indirectly

B and C had too many personal and professional cold wars which the entire office new about, including the top management, infact C had given oral as well as written human rights allegations of physical and mental torture to the Top Management, but every time since C was a worker, her woes were ignored and she had to patch up with B in public keeping a smiling face

It was a wonderful day, C was celebrating a great achievement, she had completed 12years in her role, her daughter had achieved a milestone in her education, she was very happy that day, but alas short-lived, she received a call late evening  from A, stating that she would now be directly working for B from the next day onwards and then switched over to video call to see her facial reaction, C was completely broken , she was crying and crying, she felt her world has ended, she ran to the terrace of her building to end her life, but her teenage daughter prevented stating that she needs to still study for 5-6 years and would need her mother’s financial support. C stepped back.

Meanwhile B was on cloud 9, celebrating her success of having full control over C, she immediately started to delegate all her tasks, C had no choice but to slog and slog, somedays she spent more than 15 hours on her laptop working to complete the given tasks, because A had warned her, that if B is unhappy with her performance, she would be sacked

C was already in mental stress due to the lockdown, financial crisis, personal tensions due to her mother’s illness, her daughter’s education – now the terror of B

Spending sleepless nights, getting constant horror nightmares, she could see the entire office dancing around that B succeeded in making C her slave..

What made A take such a drastic decision was he taking revenge, why is he favouring B because B is in a higher position and C just an ordinary worker financially weak and can be exploited; how should C survive this crisis or will B change her behavior towards C….. do comment, it will help save C ‘s family

Published by Shobha Iyer

Always be Happy; always wear a Smile, Not because Life is full of reasons to Smile, but because your Smile itself maybe a reason for many others to Smile ;The Greatest Thing In Life Is Love And The Second Is Laughter..

2 thoughts on “The Story of A, B and C

  1. My suggestion would be to leave the place. As that cannot be done immiediately, prepare a secret exit plan and work towards it. That will give a hope for us to live forward. During this period things might turn in our favour. Despite that we should keep working towards our exit strategy and quit that place. The universe is so big we always have a better place and choice. We should not think we are strong and put up a fight and waste our time as circumstances will not facilitate you there. There is no other way than this. We should keep ourselves strong and work secretly towards exit strategy and throw a surprise when somebody is depending too much on you on your workplace.

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