Hi… This is Sho – you are now reading my blog – where I shall pen my thoughts as it flow into my mind; it may be even excerpts from motivational inspirational articles that I keep reading on social media or valuable contributions from my fellow bloggers in the blogosphere !!
My Nature: Very Ambitious ; Always Smiling and Cheerful; Dreamer; Hard-working ; Self-Motivator; Positive Attitude ; Multi-Tasker; Friendly; Fun Loving; Humble; Honest; Fiery Aries..


You can often find me day dreaming, gazing at the blue sky, in deep thoughts, maybe overthinking and analysing every little thing that happened to me or will happen sooner or later. I strongly believe that “What has to Happen shall Happen by hook or crook; we cannot change our fate ; everything Happens as per Destiny only – we have to just keep on working – fruits may come sooner or later, but I am sure that will be very sweet”

If I don’t like someone then I just distance myself from them over a period of time. I sincerely believe that being around good people reflects on you and your character, so I try my best to stay away from toxic people; I truly believe in family values and tradition

Smiling helps me through every situation – I smile a Lot maybe just to hide my inner feelings;  My biggest fear is ‘failure’…. I am a great lover of Music, Dance, Reading, Drawing…now Blogging !!

Blogging has been the best stress-reliever for me, it has given a new perspective to my life and I enjoy being here. Reading wonderful blogs of people around here in this virtual world really motivates and inspires me, enables me know so many new things every day through various interesting blogs and interacting with new people from different countries…

In all, I am a slightly complicated person – tough to break, peace-lover, friendly ;


Disclaimer : A blog is a type of open online diary or journal composed in a chronologically structured order. Blogs are therefore more personal in nature and do not adhere to the same journalistic demands as a magazine or daily newspaper.


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