” Mental pain is less dramatic than physical pain, but it is more common and also more hard to bear.

The frequent attempt to conceal mental pain increases the burden: it is easier to say “My tooth is aching” than to say “My heart is broken. “

By C.S. Lewis, The Problem of Pain


जहाँ यार याद न आए वो तन्हाई किस काम की,  बिगड़े रिश्ते न बने तो खुदाई किस काम की, बेशक अपनी मंज़िल तक जाना है ,  पर जहाँ से अपना यार दोस्त ना दिखे .. वो ऊंचाई किस काम की …….

Nobody understands the reason why we all meet in this journey of life… We may not be related by blood… We may not know each other from the beginning, but God puts us together to share wonderful relations through our heart….Thank you my Friends and Well Wishers !!


If he misses you,he will 📞📲call you.. don’t go wondering if he saw your missed call or not! If he wants to see you he will make plans with you … don’t go chasing after him!💖♥️ If he loves you he will make sure you know …don’t go digging in him deep inside! If he believes you are the One , 💖♥️he will find you and Will Never Let You go!! Stop analyzing his behaviour, Stop doubting your intentions & don’t ring twice, you are a wonderful girl and at the end of the day its his loss…💌
For All the beautiful girls out there !!!


A Woman’s life is the most challenging character in itself,even if there ain’t any problems. Change is constant in her life,be it while growing up, getting married, delivering kids, or getting to work in a male dominated world. No wonder, multi tasking comes natural to her, as her mind keeps on working and planning, to make a wonderful and perfect life, for herself and others surrounded by her.
Many women are not so very blessed, and go through dreadful times. Just remember, God made you a woman, to do many things men can’t do. Looking inward, itself you will find all the strength and power, rather than looking for sympathy from the outside world.
Being strong, and thinking positively are the two best options you have, rest is just giving up which is not you..👩

Women’s Day

Being a woman 🙋💅👠👗 is a blessing from God…
We women are strong,💪 and we are not so easily broken by circumstances of life. We cry in our hearts❤ yet we retain beautiful smiles on our faces,😊 We are over comers👑❗
There’s no situation that we can not handle❗
People hate us. . .
Men leave us💔. . .
But we still remain strong and beautiful💁. We are like roses that stay red forever🌹, smell sweeter and will never dry.

Celebrating womanhood!💃

Feeling Beautiful in the journey of identifying our own personal unique brand and the necessity / nuances of exhibiting our inner image to the outer world…

Happy International Women’s Day👩


Women are inspirations for others in so many ways as they wonderfully manage both their personal as well as professional lives.👸👑👩‍🌾💃

motivational Thoughts


My mom felt exhausted. She was irritable and grumpy, until one day, suddenly, she changed.

One day my dad said to her:

  • I’m going to have a few beers with friends.

My mom replied:

  • Okay.

My brother said to her:

  • I’m doing poorly in all subjects in college.

My mom replied:

  • Okay, you will recover, and if you don’t, you repeat the semester, but you pay the tuition.

My sister said to her:

  • I smashed the car.

My mom replied:

  • Okay, take it to the car shop & get it fixed.

All of us were worried to see these reactions coming from mom.

We suspected that she had gone to the doctor and was prescribed some pills called “I don’t give a damn”.

We then proposed to do an “intervention” with my mother to remove her from any possible addiction she had towards some anti-tantrum medication.

But then mom gathered us around her and explained:

“It took me a long time to realize that each person is responsible for their life. It took me years to discover that my anguish, anxiety, my depression, my courage, my insomnia & my stress, does not solve your problems but aggravates mine.

I am not responsible for the actions of anyone and it’s not my job to provide happiness.

Therefore, I came to the conclusion that my duty to myself is to remain calm and let each one of you solve what corresponds to you.

I have taken courses in yoga, meditation, miracles, human development, mental hygiene, vibration and neurolinguistic programming and in all of them, I found a common denominator.

I can only control myself, you have all the necessary resources to solve your own problems despite how hard they may be. My job is to PRAY for you, LOVE you, ENCOURAGE you, but it’s up to YOU to solve them and find your happiness.

I can only give you my advice if you ask me and it depends on you to follow it or not. There are consequences, good or bad, to your decisions and YOU have to live with them.”

Everyone at home was speechless.

From that day on, the family began to function better because everyone in the house knew exactly what it is that they needed to do!

Motivational Thoughts

This is a beautiful Sufi parable. Worth a read !!

“The Sun and the Cave”

“One day the Sun and a Cave struck up a conversation. The Sun had trouble understanding what “dark” meant and the Cave didn’t quite get the hang of “light and clear” so they decided to change places.

The Cave went up to the Sun and said, “Ah, I see, this is beyond wonderful. Now come down and see where I have been living.”
The Sun went down to the cave and said, “Gee, I don’t see any difference.”

When the sun went down, it took its light along and even the darkest corners were illuminated. That’s why the Sun couldn’t see any difference.

There is a quote from an old book that says “The enlightened ones can never be sent to hell or pushed into darkness. They carry their heaven on their shoulders all the time”.

We thought that heaven is a place where we are supposed to go, perhaps it was a state of mind we were supposed to achieve.

If you are full of darkness within, full of negativity, fear, and doubt, you become a Cave unknowingly. It’s hell within and no matter how much you accumulate, you still remain hollow.

If you are illuminated like the Sun, then the darkness of the cave wouldn’t matter. You could be in the worse of circumstances, you’ll still be able to find a blessing somewhere.

You’ll be carrying your Heaven with you.”..💕

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