WFH or Back to Office

Why corporates want to go back to office and not work from home despite COVID ? If you are thinking on the same lines, read below interesting facts !!

Officegoers complain that work days can stretch and there’s no concept of fixed timing in WFH

Ever since the pandemic broke earlier this year and several offices across the country were closed during the lockdown, work from home (WFH) has become a key component in the new normal of our lifestyle. Over the past eight months, workers in several sectors of the workforce have come to work from home almost permanently, as several organisations are trying to minimise office presence of employees. However, the WFH culture isn’t sitting too well with many employees. During the various stages of Unlock over the last few months, many companies have started giving employees the option to work from office. And while it isn’t mandatory in several sectors, despite the pandemic, workers are taking up this option, preferring to work from office instead of home. The reasons range from having a more structured day in office to better work-life balance.

‘When you are at home, you are your own HR, IT guy, everything’

Disha, an analyst with an MNC says, “With everyone at home on call for work or school, the internet started acting crazy. And if anything goes wrong, you end up having to fix it yourself. In office, you can depend on the IT guy but at home, it was annoying to be in charge of stuff like tech issues while trying to work. It doesn’t let you have enough time and energy for your actual work. That’s why as soon as the company asked who wanted to return to office, I put my hand up.

‘If I go to office, my family takes me more seriously’ Mrs Kumar,a banker, says, “Initially when WFH began, I thought it was a blessing- getting paid to work while staying at home. But it wasn’t. Even though you are on your laptop all day, your family doesn’t understand. I got so tired of the constant interruptions. All your family sees is that you are sitting in front of a laptop. Now that I go to the office, they seem to take it more seriously and actually believe me when I say I’m busy.”

‘Impossible to focus on work at home’
management executive Siddhant recounts why he went back to office in September, “When you have your spouse working 10 feet away from you doing their own calls and your kids in the next room, it is impossible to focus. A house is not designed for that. There are so many distractions. I found myself constantly procrastinating. So, when the option presented itself, I decided to go to office. It’s been two months and I have been far more productive now. It helps that there are fewer people in office now, so social distancing isn’t an issue.”
‘In office, my work day has a fixed timing unlike work from home’
Nachiket, a software developer says “While working from home, my working hours almost always stretched from morning to midnight. I would always get a call late at night from someone or the other. There was no concept of an ‘off’ time period. At least, now that I go to office, when I punch out at 6pm, my day is done. This gives me time for my family and the much-needed work-life balance.”

‘Posture and health take a hit while working from home’
Nafisa, an IT professional says, “I didn’t have a desk in my house from where I could work. So, for 4-5 months, I worked from the couch or even the bed. The result was I almost developed a serious back issue. In office, you have those chairs that make sure your posture is somewhat ok. At home, that went for a toss. Your posture, and your health consequently, take a hit. I jumped at the first chance to return to work. The office has all the safety measures in place. Plus, this allows me to stop torturing my back.”

………Excerpts from a Lifestyle article that appeared in the “Times of India” newspaper

No space for the pandemic

‘Officially’ no space for love in pandemic: Has WFH killed workplace romances? do you think in these lines, read ahead for the facts

It’s been more than 11 months since Garima set foot in her office, and she can’t wait to go back! But it’s not ‘work’ or her ‘boss’ that she’s missing, rather it’s the ‘cute guy’ who had joined her team a week before lockdown. “We exchanged glances and smiled at each other, and had we continued working normally, I’m sure one of us would have taken it ahead and asked the other out. However, since we barely got to know each other when we stopped going to work, our interactions have only been virtual, and work-related, since then,” sighs the graphic designer from Kolkata.

STRANGE BUT TRUE – She’s not the only one pining for her ‘office crush’ ever since WFH became the norm.

According to workplace health and safety consultancy , ‘Covid-19 has really thrown a spanner in the works when it comes to dating at work’. “Budding romances have come to an abrupt end, and no one wants to flirt with a co-worker over a company Zoom meeting,” said a spokesperson.


While there is a prediction — that online workspaces will get flirtier by over 50% in 2031 — is giving a little hope, the current scene vis-a-vis office crushes, flirtations, and romances is dropped down to the lowest levels !!!

Zoom meetings, with no outings, office lunches, or physical meetings, employees are indeed struggling to keep up with their ongoing affairs

“It’s frowned upon, but office romance has been a great motivating factor for many. While not all relationships were serious and culminated into something long-lasting, employees did feel being emotionally intimate with a colleague and that really helped them deal with work pressure and office politics. However, this new normal WFH took away this fun part of their work-life for many and now they’re struggling to keep up with their ongoing affair, amid the tremendous work pressure, and Zoom meetings, with no outings, office lunches, or physical meetings,” explains a Doctor who is also relationship expert, and counselor.

Karan, an IT professional from Mumbai, says that WFH has cut short his budding office romance. “I went out with a colleague a couple of times, and we were hoping to take our relationship to the next level, but with WFH being extended till the end of this year, I don’t see anything happening now. She lives in the other part of the city and I live with my parents. All these factors have simply squashed my relationship with her. Too much work pressure during WFH also means we hardly have a breather to talk romantically anymore,” he says.

The ‘thrill’ of the clandestine nature of secret romances has vanished in the pandemic:

Saurav, a freelance photographer, adds, “I am not someone who will look for a date on a dating app, and so, the office was one way of organically meeting someone new. I have often dated colleagues. So, WFH has drastically impacted my love life.” He adds that he also misses the ‘thrill’ of the clandestine nature of such romances. “I miss the stolen glances and kisses at work. I mean, it’s impossible to recreate that chemistry over a Skype meeting,” he says.

………….Excerpts from an article in the “Times of India” Newspaper

Valentines 💝 Day

LOVE is not only made for LOVERS; it is also for FRIENDS who Love each other better than Lovers; A True Friend is very hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to Forget !!
Happy Valentines’ Day to all my friends !!

TRY NOT TO FALL for someone who isn’t willing to catch you; If someone really loves and wants to see you; they will find a reason; they will find a way and they will MAKE THE EFFORT !!

Hug Day

You Cant Wrap Love In A Box, But You Can Wrap A Person In A Hug.
A Hug Charms, Warms And Makes Everyone Happy, That Must Be Why God Gave Us Arms…
It Is Not How Long You Have Been Together, Not How Much You Have Given Or Received; Not How Many Times You Have Helped Each Other .. Its How You Value Each Other…

Promise Day

Do Promises Which Could Never Be Broken, Promises Have Always A Better Value,
Every Thing Can Be Changed Through True Promises, Go For It Now…The Future Is Promised To No One…
It Is Much Better To Promise Nothing And Try And Give Everything.. Than Promise Everything And Give Nothing At All.
A Promise Is A Big Word…. It Either Makes Something Or Breaks Everything!

Happy Promise Day 🤗👍🤝

Teddy 🧸 🐻 🧸 Bear Day

On Teddy Bear Day,
We Think Of All Those People Who Have Cheered And Encouraged Us,
All Those Who Go Out Of Their Way To Be Kind And Caring,
All Those Who Have Enriched Our Lives Just By Being Themselves.
All of You Who Are Or Are Trying to be Such A Person…
Glad to Have you all in the Journey of Life…
Happy Teddy Bear Day.💕⚘

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