Actions…. Karma !!

Deeds are of supreme importance in this universe. Whatever a person does, he is punished or rewarded accordingly. The life that we get on this Earth is a blessing of our own past and present Karmas. All the small sins done, intentionally or unintentionally contribute to our sufferings. When you are in pain or suffering, don’t Blame God.
Half of your worries will vanish away when you attain an understanding and acceptance about the fact that you have done something wrong in life, you are dearly sorry about it and you are repenting enough. Remaining half you have to understand that there exist “Karma”, so what goes around comes around. You will have to repay for your deeds in any possible way..


Make promise to yourself, watch your actions, do good. You will be at peace mentally and emotionally. Everything heals. Your heart heals. The mind heals. Wounds heal. Your happiness is always going to come back. Bad times don’t last. Rather be grateful to bad times. It’s through the difficult times in our life, that we are able to grow. It’s when we are tested that we are able to rise, push through and come out the other side stronger, braver and better. The truth is, there are some important lessons in life that we are only taught through difficult times and they can become the silver lining to the darkness.

Life Upside-Down

You come to know who your real friends are. Eventually, you will learn who really matters. Nothing builds our strength, Nothing forces us to leverage what we have, dig deep and come up with every ounce of integrity, patience and strength like a hard time. Bad phase alters us and change the way we view our lives. We have learned who and what matters in our life and undoubtedly we have a greater appreciation for them. Surviving hardship gives us a broader perspective on what hardship really is. You will look back on the things you use to complain about and be thankful they are your only worries. After we have survived, we are given a deep gratitude for our life.


To find the light, we have to go through darkness. In the midst of it, take a deep breath and Be thankful to god for the hard times, every struggle in your life has shaped you into person you are today


realize the ‘Self’ hidden

Until you think you are an individual separate from the world and the world existed prior to you and you are born in it afterward, the ignorance will prevail as a reality. Till ignorance is there the ‘I’ prevails as reality.
If the ‘I’ prevails as reality then the world in which you exist prevails as a reality. If the world in which you exists as a reality then the dualistic illusion is experienced as a reality.
Perfect understanding of ‘what is what’ helps you to overcome the ignorance (I). Until ‘I’ is there the ignorance is there. Until ignorance is there you will not be able to unfold the mystery hidden by the ‘I’.
Unless one drops all his garbage accumulated knowledge it is impossible to realize the ‘Self’ hidden by the dualistic illusion.
The Seeker has to think deeply instead of passing the opinion on his own point view and he has to drop the judgmental attitude, which blocks the realization of the truth, which is hidden by the form, time and space. The truth is not a custom made stuff to please different mindset.
  • What is the use of arguing on the base of the birth entity, which is not the Self?
  • What is the use of knowing what happens after death when the Self is birthless?
  • What is the use of thinking of the heaven and hell when the ‘Self ‘is not an individual and it is never born and it never dies?
Sage Sri Sankara: ~  
All this universe which through ignorance appears as of diverse forms, is nothing else but Brahman which is absolutely free from all the limitations of human thought
Intellectual discussion is a great hindrance in pursuit of truth because the intellectual knowledge is egocentric knowledge, which is limited to the domain of the form, time and space.
In Advaitic Self-awareness, the ego is not considered as ego, even though ego is present, the body is not considered as body even though body is present, the world which confronts him is not considered as the world even though the world is present, the duality ceases even though the duality is present, because of wisdom everything is considered as consciousness. Thus there is conscious oneness.
Only in ignorance, the world in which we exist is an illusion created out of the Soul, the innermost Self.
The world is both real and unreal. It is real because it is a manifestation of consciousness, but is unreal, in the sense, that it is not absolute and eternal like consciousness itself.
People’s approach is more practical, and they stuck with the reality of the world, they take it as real. That is why all the confusion.
The look of an object will depend upon the medium through which the observer views it. In fact, our mental and intellectual conditions determine the world, observed and experienced. The commoner viewing the world will see differently from a Gnani viewing the same world. Each one interprets the world that they see in terms of their existing knowledge. The commoner sees everything based on the ego, therefore, experiences the birth, life, death and the world as a reality, whereas a Gnani sees everything as the consciousness and he is fully aware of the fact that, there is no second thing exists other than the Soul or the consciousness. Thus, all the egocentric (religious) adulteration has to be bifurcated to realize the ultimate truth, which is beyond form, time and space.
You are not the Self because you belong to the dualistic illusion. Until you hold the ‘Self’ as you, you will remain ignorant of the ‘Soul, which is present in the form of the consciousness.
The word is the form only for communication purpose. Within the duality, it is impossible to communicate without the words. Grasping the truth beyond the words is very essential.
When a Gnani does not see his body as the body, his ego as the ego, his experience of the world as the world, then he has realized his body, his ego and his experience of the world as the consciousness. Thus, everything is the Soul or the consciousness. Thus, there is no second thing exists other than the consciousness. 
Adapted from a write up by : Santthosh Kumaar

Love Shayari…14

“ओस की बूंदे है, आंख में नमी है,
ना उपर आसमां है ना नीचे जमीन है..ये कैसा मोड है जिन्‍दगी का..
जो लोग खास है उन्‍की की कमी हैं ”

mayurhadiya9  thank you… for these lovely words !!

Love Shayari…13

मैंने रब से कहा वो मुझे छोड़ के चले;
पता नहीं उसकी क्या मजबूरी थी;

रब ने कहा इसमें उसका कोई कसूर नहीं;
यह कहानी तो मैंने लिखी ही अधूरी थी।

💞हमारी अधूरी कहानी ….

mayurhadiya9  thank you… for these lovely words !!

have happy thoughts & do not give up!


You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step’ Martin Luther King

‘Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will’ Suzy Kassem

‘It always seems impossible until it’s done’ Nelson Mandela

‘If you have good thoughts they will shine out your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely’ Roald Dahl

‘Never give up on something you can go a day with out thinking about’ Winston Churchill

‘A true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination’ Albert Einstein

‘When life throw you a rainy day play in the puddles’ Pooh bear

These quotes are just something that I feel help me through times when they get a little tough!
Just a reminder to have happy thoughts & not give up!

Love Shayari…12

तेरी खुशबू में खुद को ओड लू
यू समां जाऊ तेरे एहसास में

जज़्बातो का रिश्ता अब दिल से जुड़ा है
तुम्हारी हो कर हो गयी हूँ अब कुछ ख़ास मैं

तुम्हारा हाथ थामे चलना है हर कदम ज़िन्दगी का
अब तक उस पार ते आप और हम ताक रहे ते इस पार से


Love.. Shayari..11

मुट्ठी में झकड़ा था , वह रेत थी फिसल गयी ,
हतेली अभी भी गरम है , वह एहसास अब भी बाकी है ।

कुछ मिल सा गया है, कुछ खो सा गया है,
यह कैसी है कश्मकश , कुछ उलझने अभी बाकी है ।

मैं समेट लू खुद को या खो जाऊ इनकी बाहों में ,
मंज़िल अनजानी है पर रास्ता अभी बाकी है ।

निकल पड़ी हूँ अब मैं खुद अपनी ही तलाश मैं ,
तेरे अक्स से अलग मेरे अक्स का होना अभी बाकी है ।

आज एक नज़र मुड़ कर आइना देखा है ,
बेमुशक्कत मेरी शख्सियत मेँ तेरा ज़िक्र अभी बाकी है ।