Love Shayari..22

In the world of fake emojis and hidden "last seen"; somewhere a "Status Update" revealed the True Feelings of the Heart 💓💘❤

Love Shayari..21

कुछ लोग "ज़िन्दगी" होते हैं,💖 कुछ लोग "ज़िन्दगी" में होते हैं..💌 कुछ लोगों से "ज़िन्दगी" होती है,💕 "पर" कुछ "लोग होते हैं" तो "जिंदगी" होती है..!! "💕

Evaluation of Life

Sometimes I start doing an evaluation of my life. On one of those times, I came across the story of the driver Michael Shumacher. When I studied his resume as an athlete I saw that he was: 🔵 Winner of the Grand Prix in 1991. 🔵 He was 7 times world champion of Formula 1.… Continue reading Evaluation of Life

Think of the Defect Effect

Defect effect: In India, things are made not to work so that people can find work to do  ... Back from a holiday, I once again noticed something about India: Small things suddenly, and for no apparent reason, stop working because of some minor defect. When our family returned home after two weeks, the flush… Continue reading Think of the Defect Effect

Drinking From The Saucer – Inspiring Poem by John Paul Moore

Why is it critical for us to recognize the blessings that are overflowing from our personal cups into our saucers? Simply, it is God's Wish that we acknowledge His hand in all things and we need to offer our thanks to Him. This poem has been very inspirational to me because its message is not… Continue reading Drinking From The Saucer – Inspiring Poem by John Paul Moore

S.O.S… Slower, Older and Smarter !!

When you are young and foolish - speed and flash may seem like a good thing !  When you get older & smarter - comfort and dullness is not such a bad thing !! It is called S.O.S...   Slower, Older and Smarter! A True incident Dedicated to all my friends approaching  the S.O.S. category..... A… Continue reading S.O.S… Slower, Older and Smarter !!